Hilltop Residential Youth Services

Admission Forms

Thank you for considering placing your adolescent at Hilltop Residential Youth Services where we promote the strengths and abilities of youth and families by providing education, treatment, and recreational opportunities that empower and enrich all individuals to face life’s challenges with confidence and competence. Our staff look forward to serving as G.U.I.D.E.’s, to your youth and will work to accompany them on their individual journey by living and teaching our values of: Genuine Relationships, Understanding, Integrity, Diversity, and Empowerment.

In order for your youth to be considered for placement at Hilltop RYS, we ask that you fill out the RYS
Information Packet, to the best of your ability and as completely as possible. We also ask that you send the
following documents, along with the packet back to RYS for review and consideration.

  • Original D&N and Shelter Summary
  • Trails System Report Client Placement History
  • FSP Part 2 Social History
  • FSP Part 3 Trails Family Services Plan
  • Child Adoption Study (if applicable)
  • JV and JD Trails Court Reports for the last 6 months (if applicable)
  • SB94, Diversion or Probation Records and corresponding Police Reports
  • Educational Records (any available) and IEP (if applicable)
  • Medical Records/Medication Information
  • Discharge Summaries (from any other placements)
  • Mental Health Records/Clinical Assessments/ (any available)
  • Crisis Assessments
  • Mental Health Hospital Summaries
  • Psychiatric Provider notes/documentation

Residential Youth Services

Comprehensive guidance and treatment for youth who have encountered difficulties at home.

Additional Services

Non-residential services include Therapeutic Day Treatment, Experiential Learning, and Transitional Living.

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